Crease Protector

Crease Protector

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This small and simple accesoire can help you protect your sneaker from getting creasers and keep them as good as new. The protectors can be easily slid into the front of the shoes, keeping your shoes fresh and give old shoes new life. 

Use the crease protectors in 3 steps: 

  1. Attach the tape to the upper side of the crease protector 
  2. Remove the top layer of the tape 
  3. Attach The crease protector to the inside of the shoe and start wearing 


  • Universal 
  • Can be easily placed
  • Lightweight, strong material 
  • Has no effect on wearing 
  • Extend the lifespand
  • Improve the appearance 
  • Breathable design due to the holes 
  • Low-temperature-resistant, resilient and washable 

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